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Botify is the first unified suite of applications to merge technical SEO, content, and real rankings.

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The Right Tool for Your Enterprise Website

Botify is the only tool that can handle the full size and scope of your enterprise site.

Technical SEO

Optimize your crawl budget to boost organic growth, with the most advanced technical SEO insights.

Mobile-First SEO

Optimize mobile ranking factors, foster successful AMP deployments, and segment data by device.

SEO Project Management

Monitor Googlebot daily, verify optimization impacts, catch errors, manage important projects.

Get More from Your Website

Our data shows enterprise websites are only benefiting from a fraction of their content.

Real Keywords and Ranking
Uncover real search intent with actual user queries from Google Search Console.
Organic Traffic and Revenue
Get the rankings that matter to drive qualified audiences, and boost revenue.
Content Optimization
Analyze content like Google, measure duplication, thinness, and structured data

Is Google Missing Half Your Content?

Google only crawls about 50% of the content on enterprise websites. Increase traffic and revenue by recovering those missed opportunities.

Log File Analyzer

See how search engines are crawling your pages.

Automate Log File Analysis

Get your server log files automatically fed into a dashboard made with SEOs in mind.

Perfect Your Crawl Budget

See where Googlebot is missing important content or wasting time on unimportant content.

Get Alerted to Crawl Anomalies

Get notifications delivered right to your inbox as soon as crawl issues occur.

Botify log analyzer, Google search console, JavaScript rendiner, crawl budget
SEO Crawler

Crawl millions of URLs fast - up to 250 pages per second.

JavaScript Rendering

See how your JavaScript impacts crawling and indexing.

Content Quality

Advanced content metrics like length (excluding template!), uniqueness, and changes.

A Full Accounting of Every URL

Evaluate the structure and content of every page on every version of your website.

SEO managers, content teams, developers, PPC specialists
SERP Performance

See how your pages are performing in search results.

Real Rank Tracking

See what keywords delivering impressions and clicks for your pages.

Real-Time Searcher Insights

Learn where your visitors are searching from, what devices they’re using, and what topics are trending up and down.

Find the “Why” Behind Rankings & Clicks

Pair log file and crawl data with ranking and click data to find new correlations.

Botify log analyzer, Google search console, JavaScript rendiner, crawl budget
Website Analytics

Connect Botify to your website analytics to see how SEO changes impact user engagement.

Easy Configuration

Connect once, get your Google or Adobe Analytics in your Botify dashboard forever.

Analyze “Active vs. Inactive” Pages

Easily segment pages by those with and without an organic visit within the past 30 days.

Connect User Data to Any SEO Indicator

See how crawl frequency and page structure correlate with visits, bounce rate, and more.

SEO managers, content teams, developers, PPC specialists


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