SEO At Scale: What Large E-Commerce Sites Do Differently

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Everything is harder at scale, and SEO is no exception. Tactics and tools that work on small-to-medium sites typically don’t translate to sites with over a million URLs.

That’s because 77% of large website pages* are not getting any traffic from search engines. These crawl constraints mean e-commerce leaders like Barnes & Noble have to do SEO differently if they’re going to take full advantage of organic search channels.

In this webinar, Botify Chief Product Officer Christophe Frenet and Barnes & Noble SEO and Personalization Manager Jessica Flareau explore the challenges and practices unique to large e-commerce sites. Learn how Barnes & Noble:

  • Spends crawl budget strategically. 
  • Uses revenue data to win interdepartmental support for SEO initiatives. 
  • Leverages automation to scale efficiently. 
    ….and more!
Jessica Flareau

Jessica Flareau

SEO and Personalization Manager

Barnes & Noble

Christophe Frenet

Christophe Frenet

Chief Product Officer


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*Based on Botify’s analysis of 6.2B Googlebot requests across 413M web pages June 2018 “How Does Google Crawl the Web?”