What Is Page Experience

and How Does It Power Your Website?

Join Botify’s Frank Vitovitch and Tania Dworjan, alongside experts from Contentsquare and Jellyfish for a live panel discussion on what exactly  page experience is and how it impacts your website’s performance.


Page experience has been on the mind of SEO practitioners and UX pros for years now. But let’s get real - no one really knows what page experience encompasses. Ask a handful of marketers what it is, and you’ll get a wide variety of answers, such as page speed, on-site customer journey, Core Web Vitals, or even search experience.

In reality, page experience is all of these things, and together with Botify partners, Contentsquare and Jellyfish, we’re going to help you finally understand one of marketing’s hottest buzzwords and give you the know-how to improve the page experience for your users and search engines alike.

After this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what page experience is - and more importantly - how it impacts your website’s potential.
  • Understand how Google and other spiders see the experience of your website and measure that performance using Core Web Vital stats. 
  • Identify key UX elements that may disrupt both your customer experience and organic search performance
  • Break down departmental silos and drive more collaboration between UX and SEO teams in support of “search experience optimization.”
Frank Vitovich Round

Frank Vitovitch

VP, Solutions


Marco Tornow round headshot


Director, SEO


Brian Strauss round headshot

Brian Strauss

Global VP, Solution Consulting



Tania Dworjan

Director of SEO, Content & Community


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