How Under Armour Drives

Digital commerce through SEO 




Dana Tan,
Senior Global SEO Manager,
Under Armour
Meryl circle


Meryl Serouya,
VP, Partner Strategy, Botify


Laura Giuliari,
Search Data Strategist, Botify
E-commerce websites - especially those with an extensive catalog of products - are among the most rewarding, yet challenging for an SEO. And, the platform powering the site may present unique complexities, too.
Dana Tan, Global SEO lead for Under Armour, joins Botify for a conversation on how she approaches organic search as a performance marketing channel for digital commerce and navigates SEO on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
We'll discuss:
  • evangelizing the role and impact of SEO across an organization, 
  • tips for efficient collaboration across teams, 
  • how the partnership between Botify and Commerce Cloud uncovers critical SEO insights,
    ...and more!

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