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Yes, SEO Is A Performance Marketing Channel!




Collin Colburn,
Senior Analyst, Forrester
Nate Sullivan Nate Sullivan,
Director of Product Marketing, Botify


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Performance marketing – tactics marketers employ to drive revenue, sales, and leads – has allowed CMOs to make every dollar that they spend accountable. Search engine optimization (SEO) should be a classic performance marketing channel.
Unfortunately though, many marketers struggle to classify SEO that way because it can be difficult to measure and hard to attribute to a conversion. But we now have an economic model that proves SEO does in fact drive conversions and ROI.
Join Botify’s Nate Sullivan and guest speaker, Forrester senior analyst Collin Colburn, to learn about how SEO is a performance marketing channels, how to quantify its costs and benefits, and what you can do to make the business case for greater investment in SEO.

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