Do you want a 584% ROI from your SEO?
You can! Here's how.

Enterprise SEO is complex. But it doesn't have to be. Let Botify simplify the complexity and prioritize tasks to achieve a greater ROI faster and unlock greater revenue potential of your website.

According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Botify, enterprise organizations using Botify can achieve:


Return on Investment

$1.71 Million

Net Present Value

<3 Months

Payback Period

Business Benefits of Botify

Forrester’s interviews and analysis found the following quantifiable benefits of Botify.

Significant Organic Traffic Growth

After implementing website changes based on Botify’s analysis and insights, organic traffic grew by double digits.

Protection Against
Traffic Loss

Businesses retained 99% of traffic they would have lost from website changes and algorithm updates.

Sitewide Actionable Insights
in < 1 Day

Website analysis was completed in a significantly reduced timeframe and provided deeper, actionable recommendations for website changes.

What Our Customers Say

Head of SEO

Travel Industry

“As we got bigger and our site grew to 25 million pages, our needs for SEO tools changed. Some of the tools we were using on a weekly basis could only provide data and insight to a handful of pages at a time, and they weren’t able to crawl enterprise scale websites.”

Head of SEO

Automotive Industry

“During our procurement process, Botify showed us a few key elements that we could fix on our side. It made a ton of sense and was verifiable, the data was there. We found half a dozen opportunities that were actionable, that we could go on and fix.”

Manager of technical SEO

Retail Industry

“For our team specifically, SiteCrawler really played a defensive role, finding internal links that are broken, discovering pages that are rendering improperly or that are really slow, and figuring out which pages we should be linking to more often but we’re not.”

Global head of SEO

Retail Industry

“The LogAnalyzer helps you understand the path that Google takes every time it visits your websites. That is valuable information for us that we do not get from other tools we use.”

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