Realize Greater Revenue by Prioritizing SEO

A Thought Leadership Study by Forrester Consulting

We were curious how executives at enterprise organizations are prioritizing SEO and its effects on their long-term revenue, so we commissioned Forrester Consulting to find out. What they discovered was eye-opening.

We asked a group of 250 SEO-mature digital marketing leaders about the benefits of SEO. Here's what they had to say:


Very Profitable


Most Effective Revenue Generator


Increased Sales

Key Findings

Organizations that lead in SEO maturity are differentiated by their capabilities and strategic approach to SEO.

Mature SEO organizations drive profitable sales and improve user experience on their websites.

Those organizations that are not mature in SEO, struggle with a poor understanding of SEO’s impact, skills gaps, and silos.

What decision makers say about SEO:

Head of Digital Marketing

Health Food Retailer UK

“[SEO] is both relied on and very important. It is essential because it drives free traffic, and because that traffic is commercially valuable.”

VP of eCommerce

United States

“Once we saw the monetary value of SEO, it gave us the business case to increase headcount with talented personnel.”

eCommerce Director

International Development, France

“The biggest challenge I do have is how to optimize a site that potentially has more than twenty languages from today to use over the next 10 years.”

Realize Greater Revenue by Prioritizing SEO

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